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“When you know how you are, don’t let other people tell you how you are.” -Stevie Nicks


When you know how you are, don’t let other people tell you how you are.” -Stevie Nicks

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I think there was always something between me and Lindsey, but nobody in that band [Fritz] really wanted me as their girlfriend because I was just too ambitious for them. But they didn’t want anybody else to have me either. If anyone else in the band started spending any time with me, the other three would literally pick that person apart. To the death. They all thought I was in it for the attention. These guys didn’t take me seriously at all. I was just a girl singer, and they hated the fact that I got a lot of credit [after the breakup of Fritz, Stevie and Lindsey chose to stay together as a duo, calling themselves Buckingham Nicks.] We started spending a lot of time together working out songs. Pretty soon we started spending all our time together and… it just happened.
— Stevie Nicks for Rolling Stone Magazine, 1977 (via christineperfect)

"So what's the big finish?" - The Following (The Reaping) 2.13

I’m real.

It’s funny to say to a girl, who’s sucking your dick; “It’s rude to talk with your mouth full”. But it’s even funnier if she replies with; “Well, it’s not full”
— Jimmy Carr (via dreadandafugitivemind)


I’m going to be severely disappointed if my marriage doesn’t end up like either of these two.
Gogglebox is life. 


Rob Beckett peels a banana with his feet and Jimmy Carr eats it.

Just thought I’d share that


I will never be over this.